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The following is an outline of the main services that I can offer, however, if you are looking for something that is not listed below, as I may be able to help or, if not, I probably know someone who can.

Surveying & monitoring

I am able to carry out survey and monitoring work on birds and other animals in a variety of habitats.   If I am not able to help you with surveys I probably know someone who is, so please ask.


I have extensive experience in managing and delivering Interpretive projects of all scales on time and to budget. From visitor centres to interpretation trailers; and interpretation panels to websites.

Project management
I have managed numerous projects including lowland footpaths, drainage, boundary management (eg fencing. walling, hedging), visitor facility development and tree safety.
Safety management

I am able to undertake Visitor Safety in the Countryside (VSC) risk assessments and develop safety plans for individual sites, and carry out primary tree inspections.

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