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I have teamed up with local boat operators to offer a variety of different cruises along the coast sailing from Eyemouth & St Abbs.   The Berwickshire coast is spectacular when viewed from land, but you have not really seen it and its wildlife in its full glory until you have seen it from the sea! You can either book onto a public cruise or, if there is a group of you, book the whole boat for a private cruise.

Wildlife Cruises
Cruise up the coast to St Abb's Head or down the coast to Burnmouth to enjoy the amazing scenery & wildlife. 

April - September

Sunset Cruises
Cruise from Eyemouth or St Abbs Harbour to St Abb's Head or Fast Castle and see the coast in a different light.

April - September

WiIdlife & Geology Cruises
With a geologist on board, up the coast to Siccar Point or down to the Border.

April - September

Seals hauled out CC.jpg
Seal Cruises
Cruise up the coast to Lumsdaine to witness the spectacle of thousands of seals breeding on the beaches.

November & December

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