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I offer a variety of different walks, some, like seabird and seal walks, will be seasonal as they are only with us at a certain time of year, but others can be run throughout the year.  My walks are exclusive, by which I mean, they are not advertised to the public, so you can either come on a one to one, or as a group.  

Nature Ramble
Take a stroll through Berwickshire's countryside and discover more about the wildlife that makes its home here.

All year

Seashore Safari
Have a good old guddle in some rockpools in search of weird and wonderful sea creatures.  Adults don't need to be accompanied by a child!

All year

Mindful meander
Take time to connect with nature and help it nourish you.  Woodland, beach, or clifftop - the choice is yours.

All year

Mire Loch Autumn P NTS Liza Cole.jpg
St Abbs Mini Safari
A wander around St Abb's Head National Nature Reserve enjoying its wildlife.

April to September

Shag & egg Farnes LC.jpg
Seabird Safari
Spend a couple of hours ambling along the clifftops finding out more about the private life of the seabirds to be found at St Abb's Head.

May to August

seals at Lumsdaine.jpg
Seal Safari
Walk out to a vantage point above Lumsdaine Shore where over 500 pups born & witness all sorts of amazing activity.

November & December 

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