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The Peter Pan of rockpools?

I went rockpooling this afternoon. Partly because its fun, and partly to take some photos for my talks and training courses. Rockpooling in one of those things that many people enjoy as kids, but you don't often see adults doing it unless they are accompanied by children. In fact, I recall one time when I was being filmed rockpooling for a TV programme. The presenter introduced me by saying something along the lines of "most of us grow out of rockpooling as we become adults but Liza has never grown out of it, in fact, she does it for a living". To which my off the cuff retort was "yes, I'm the Peter Pan of rockpools" - a comment which my colleagues never let me forget! But why do we grow out of rockpooling? It really is the best kind of treasure hunt; you never know what weird and wonderful creatures you might find, and every one of them has a fascinating story as to how they survive, in fact thrive, in such a harsh environment. If you want to find out more about the amazing lives of seashore creatures I offer a talk entitled " The ebb & flow of life; the hidden wildlife of the seashore" which enables you to enjoy rockpooling without getting your feet wet; and a tour entitled "Rockpooling for grown ups" which does what it says on the tin!

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