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Wake up and smell the roses...

Winter is a time when it can feel like there is a certain amount of sensory deprivation after autumn with its riot of colour. But this is not the case - if you use your senses carefully, and perhaps spend time with folk who know things, there is plenty out there in nature to stimulate all of our senses. I was out for a walk with a friend the other day, she is a keen gardener, so, unlike me, knows her garden plants. We came across a viburnum bush still in flower. It was starting to get past its sell by date, but was lovely to behold nevertheless. If I had not been with my knowledgeable friend who suggested I take a sniff, I would have been deprived of smelling the gorgeous, subtle scent of the flowers. A useful reminder to me to utilise my whole armoury of senses when out enjoying nature. And in these Covid times, handy to know that I still have a sense of smell too!

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