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I love to help people access the meditative properties of sound via gong baths and mantra meditation. 


I first got really turned on to the therapeutic power of sound about 12 years ago when I went to my first mantra meditation session. Since then, I have had great fun exploring the many different ways of enjoying the beneficial properties of sound and I have built up quite a collection of interesting instruments!


I first started running sessions for others about 6 years ago. COVID restrictions made me took my regular mantra sessions online, and this works quite well as folk can enjoy it from far and wide.  I hope to get back to running face to face session too, soon.  I run monthly gong baths in Coldingham and Berwick, and am willing to bring them to other places in the Borders, East Lothian and North Northumberland if there are enough people interested to make it financially viable.

Or contact me if you would like to chat arrange an event on a different date or in a different venue.

Gong Baths
During a Gong Bath all you have to do is lie or sit comfortably, close your eyes and be immersed in waves of mesmerizing sounds from various amazing instruments including Himalayan singing bowls and drums as well as gongs. The many overtones produced by the instruments quickly help you sink into a meditative state, and you emerge from the experience feeling relaxed, and invigorated.
Mantra Meditation
Mantra meditation involves chanting words or short phrases repeatedly. The mantras form a focus for the mind, and often an intention is set before chanting begins to aid that focus. The vibration of the sound is therapeutic in itself, and is especially powerful as it comes from within the body. The controlled deep breathing that inevitably accompanies the chanting adds a further dimension leading to an intensely relaxing and blissful experience. Please don’t be put off by thinking that you can’t sing, this is not singing, its chanting, the Indian harmonium provides a fabulous support for all voices.