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This course is designed for snorkelers who would like find out more about the marine life that they may come across. It’s being delivered by Liza Cole who is a sea swimmer, snorkeler and diver and has been lucky enough to work as a ranger at coastal and marine reserves for over 25 years, including Lundy (Devon), Portland (Dorset) and St Abbs (Berwickshire).

The course will be delivered via Zoom. It comprises two sessions of about an hour, and will cover the following:
• Seaweeds
• Creatures living on seaweeds
• Creatures on or amongst seaweeds
• Barnacles, limpets & mussels
• Anemones & corals
• Sponges & sea squirts
• Sea urchins, starfish & sea cucumbers
• Prawns, crabs & lobsters
• Fish
• Seals
• Jellies & their rellies
• Help with ID


No dates planned but if you can round up 6 or more people, contact me to arrange a mutually convenient date.


Cost: £15