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The holly and the ivy are not alone...

As the winter solstice and Christmas approaches, my thoughts have been turning to the joy of seeing evergreens. When you really take notice, there are actually a fair few plants out there that remain green in what could be thought of as the monochrome months. When out on a walk the other day, a friend and I followed a wee path that we had never been up before, and neither had many others, it seems, as it was coated with mosses and liverworts. At the end of the short diversion we found a small walled garden that looked a little worse for wear, but was actually obviously in use as a mini tree nursery, with about 8 trees planted out in rows. The walls were covered in more greenery - beautiful ferns. A great reminder not to just walk, when out on a walk, but to be inquisitive and to keep your senses alert.

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